Rohit Gandhi + Rahul Khanna is a well known brand from India and have entered into their 16th year of creative partnership in 2013 as an established designer brand. They have made their mark in contemporary clothing for men and women.

Their designs pay great emphasis on silhouettes and detailing. They draw inspiration from linear structures, geometrical lines and are greatly influenced by modern contemporary art.

The designers have been awarded “Best Collections” for Mens and Womens wear on numerous occasions. Apart from showing every season at the India Fashion week they also participate in several international trade fairs like Coterie in New York and Tranoi in Paris.

The designers have also been awarded the prestigious “GQ- Designers of the year-2011”.

They are the only Indian designers to tie up with two of the largest corporate apparel brands in the country- Van Heusen and Wills Lifestyle, which reaches out to 100 stores nationwide.

Their clientele vary from all walks of life and their brand is most preferred when it comes to celebrity dressing.

Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna retail through 3 stand alone stores in the country, as well as for multi-designer stores and boutiques nationwide. Internationally the label is available at leading stores like Harvey Nichols, Swank and Sun Motoyama, Anthropologie, Seibu, Depenchmode, H. Audrey to name a few.

"We create clothes we love. We believe in them and their potential to change people's lives"